Ever been interested in martial arts?

Thought about learning but never had a chance?


We will be very happy to assist you to take the first step into learning and practicing this wonderful form of art as it will undoubtedly let you grow in so many different ways.

At Redbridge branch where Nao Masuda mainly teaches, we practice Karate as a martial art, not as a sport.


While there is nothing wrong with sport Karate at all, Nao personally has never been into sports nor had any interest in competing with the others.

For her it is all about a personal journey filled with the endless possibilities of human body and mind, and their integration that helps our everyday lives.


She constantly travels to study and practice with the greatest teachers and colleagues the world has to offer, and share her experiences with her students at our humble Dojo. 

It is a life long journey and it does take time to develop truly meaningful skills. 

No fast-tracks, no rush. 


We nurture something real and important with patience. 





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